Is Article Marketing Dead?

Article marketing has long been a cornerstone of website promotion. The Google Panda Update hit some of the major article marketing sites hard. Many people thought that article marketing, itself, was the problem. The real focus of the Panda update and other updates this year has been web spam. Article marketing is still viable after all of the updates if it is done right!

The virtual landscape has changed. The way things were being done was the problem, not the vehicle itself. Information Please Articles is an article directory with over 60,000 articles in the database. I see what the authors are doing right and what they are doing wrong. I also pull some content for a few blogs from iSnare articles’ content distribution system. That exposes me to a different group of authors. I am a moderator on the IM and SEO forum, so I keep up with industry trends through the community talk there.

In this blog I will be discussing how to do article marketing so that it is a benefit to your business. I will be telling you the things that I see that authors are doing right and the things that too many are doing wrong. The primary benefit of article marketing has been link building. With the over-optimization update there are important link building strategies that must be taken into consideration. Those in the know have been following those strategies for a long time, so were largely unaffected by that update. Before they were just wise practices, now they are the only way to build links that will be effective.

While the primary focus of the blog will be article marketing I will also be discussing some basic SEO strategies. Since article marketing is one tool in the SEO toolbox a general overview of SEO will also be in order.

I invite you to join me for the ride!

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